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Shorts October 26, 2014 4187
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Audio/Video Quality: 9
Spot on SD encode.

Visual Editing: 10
Invisible and perfectly executed.I couldn't begin to guess which cuts were in the original film and which were the fan edit ones.

Audio Editing: 9
Near perfect (There was this one moment in the final voiceover music mix). Such an emotional story but I nearly lost my sh*t during the music montage. One of my all time favourite songs by Nick Cave so it went straight for the emotional jugular with me.

Narrative: 10
The story was so, so tight. There was never a moment left unexplained or unexplored despite some scenes/shots lasting a few seconds only. Such a great job.

Enjoyment: 10
I'd heard mixed-to-good things about the source but from this edit I'm going to go watch it very soon. It really looks like my type of film (Father/Son stories really chime with me), although I suspect njvc has cherry-picked only the very best moments. Just one brief moment in the edit suggested that the rest of the actual film wouldn't be as nearly good and be chock-full of the usual Curtis upper-middle-class-problems cr*p (When they talked about not being rich, despite clearly being fantasically wealthy already).

njvc, please do a full-length edit of this movie. I just know it would be masterpiece after seeing what you did here.

p.s. It was awesome seeing Domhnall Gleeson of 'Dredd' and 'Star Wars' fame. He's really good and more than held his own against Nighy.

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