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Fatal Attraction is the famous bunny boiler movie that has a special place for many movie fans. The phrase "Bunny Boiler" can link its roots to this classic movie about fucking around with the wrong type of woman. The overall concept of the movie will be more haunting for some depending on their lifestyle. I found the movie still relevant in today's world. I also believe that there are many woman out there who in one way or another would relate to Glenn Close's character Alexandra "Alex" Forrest and even sympathise with her; specifically around the being used for sexual gratification and then tossed aside. Makes you want to insist on your future conquest to complete a psych evaluation and personality test before sticking the chicken in the oven. Anyway, who's to blame for the situation? - Hard to say and imo both are guilty in their own ways. The ending - The Audience Test Ending is perfectly acceptable, dramatic and makes sense, The Theatrical Ending is more Hollywood and dramatic hence why I think they chose to go with that version. I personally prefer the audience test version of the ending and think Wraith has presented it perfectly in terms of visual/audio editing skills. Recommended.

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