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Robots VS Kung Fu: The Matrix Grindhouse Edition
FanMix Updated January 14, 2023 8644 0 1 0 8
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Thomas Anderson was living the high life. Drugs, women, cash - all for the taking. But when The Man gives him a raw deal, he's on the run for his life. The militant Morpheus transports him to the future world of 1999, and trains him in the savage killing techniques of Kung Fu. Assuming the slasher alias Neo, he then embarks on a deadly game... of death. Trapped in a world of violence, addiction, and perversion, he is pursued by electronic monstrosities, twisted organ thieves, and the telepathic Federal Agent Smith. Now he must make a choice: kill them all... or die trying!
9.0 (26)
AMDS Films
Shorts September 18, 2009 8314 0 1 0 6
Brief Synopsis:
This is a compilation DVD of most of the works by AMDS, who is an awesome mash-up artist. To create the DVD, the best available sources from the web were collected, high quality tools for conversion, error correction and upscaling were used. Be fascinated!
8.6 (17)
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