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A/V Quality: Very good quality video on the whole. The deleted scenes are noticeably bad in quality but there’s not much you can really do about it. It wasn’t distracting to me though. Audio quality sounded fine. 9/10

Visual Editing: Great quality. Only quibble would be the added footage from The Thing stood out a little too much, not terrible though. 9/10

Audio Editing: Really impressed with the audio editing, especially in the segments with deleted footage. The mixed score sounds a little off at times, but mostly it worked well. 9/10

Narrative: The intention of the edit is to “make H20 closer in style, tone and execution to its predecessors (Halloween and Halloween II)”. This is pulled off well. The movie is much less lame (it was pretty damn good to begin with though) and feels more like a proper The End to the Halloween films. 9/10

(Aside: I highly suggest, if you haven’t already, seek out Kevin Williamson’s original treatment for the film. Even though it’s quite a different story, his love of Halloween 1 clearly shows in the way he structures it.)

Enjoyment: I thought it was good, I enjoyed it about as much as I enjoy the original version. 8/10

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