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Second fanedit, second review, second Wraith movie.

I have not ween either of these two films so I came in cold on this one.

I have to say, yes I can work out what cam from which film, but that's becaise Clint looks younger and I know that one was thematically a boot camp movie and the other not. But heck, what an amazing film. I was so impressed. Did they really not film this as i just viewed it? Completely flawless in every sense from my point of view. Audio, visually, thematically even how the flashbacks corresponded to the scenes preceeding and following each transition. I really thought the handful of hard cuts away from a flashback were very well judged.

In fact, i immediate watched gran Torino after (which I bought with Heartbreak Ridge online) so I could watch this and found the experience to quite light in comparison. That's when I appreciated not just how well some of the scene re-ordering played out, but also how diferent the feel of the film was given the sparse addition of the flashbacks.

But the real shocker for me was the ending. I don't want to spoil that for others but the lame gran Torino song was so depressing. I suppose that was the intent but in Wraiths hands the ending was uplifting and triumphant in a way the original does not even come close to. What an inspired choice of music (I should say no more).

This fanediting stuff is transformational indeed in ways I could not imagine.

I'm hooked and this is now burnt, in an amray case next to my other Cline movies.

I going to check out some other editors next but I want to watch all this editors stuff too and do not have the time. I'll roll the dice. Next time I'm on the homepage I'm watching the third from the right in the featured edits.

This is (as stated below) a must for clint fans!

BRAVO MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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