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Dear Q2, this work is magnificent.

I have watched your edit twice now, and I think it is the best Episode III edit that exists. Removing the droids, toning up the overall movie experience, and especially preserving the continuity of the saga, and the mystery in it, has for me rescued this movie.

I however still feel that the scene when Palpatine manages to throw Anakin into the Dark side is a tad weak… I would suggest, if you allow me to, to remove this seconds from this edit:

- Just cut from 56:39 to 56:45. Anakin’s feelings are better shown that way, I believe…

Before that, one minor change:

- Cut from 55:05 to 55:11. I think the movie gives a better experience in this scene, if we feel Mace Windu was going to kill Palpatine from the beginning.

And I would have kept the sentence of Obi Wan saying that he saw the hologram of Anakin killing younglings… I know its bad acting, bad dialogue, but it does not ruin the movie, and the cut you made is the only one in the movie that I feel looks not good.

Please don’t let this tiny suggestions make you feel I am criticizing your work… what I said is true, your work has resurrected this movie for me.

I am now going to revisit your edits of Fall of the Jedi I and II.

Owner's reply August 14, 2012

No criticism taken. I probably won’t be revisiting this edit, not because your suggestions aren’t good or appreciated, but because I can’t justify uploading nearly 40GB (Blu-Ray, AVCHD and DVD) for a few seconds of tweaks. If there were some major faults with the edits then it would be a different story, but as of right now I’m moving onto my next edit. But… never say never…

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August 15, 2012
I understand, of course! And keep up the good work! Good luck with your next edits, these one is superb.
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