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The main issues with Attack of the Clones to me was its bad dialogue and slowish tempo. CGI is quite a bit outdated as well. However I like the movie and prequals altogether. That being said Q2 has edited the movie into faster phase, made the dialogue and with it the relationship of Anakin and Padme more convincing and less cheesy.

There were a few big scenes the faneditor cut like Obi Wan chasing Jango Fett and also Yoda VS Count Dooku battle. Now these are the biggest issues to me with this fanedit as I liked them both, even the lightsaber duel of Yoda VS Count Dooku. To compensate the loss Q2 has also cut a lot of bad scenes.

Audio quality was great and video quality was quite good as well, although the image felt a bit too light(?) and mushy.. but only a bit. Compared to what? Well, for example to The Approaching Storm fanedit or original Blu-Ray. Video and audio editing were done very well technically.

Overall this fanedit was pretty good, although not as good Q2's Phantom Menace fanedit in my opinion. It accomplished its original goal nicely.

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