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Prequel edits are strange... they always draw me back, make me wish for a better execution... and then I am usually disappointed.
A part of the reason why i don't enjoy most edits is the fact that they seem to rush through the prequels in a sort of necessary evil-way. I tend to not enjoy prequel edits because they feel less like movie and more like bullet points that the edit goes through as fast as possible.

Fall of the Jedi II is one of the few episode II fanedits i managed to finish.

The opening had me a bit on edge because the sudden explosion was a bit too abrupt but afterwards everything worked out very well. Mostly because Q2 is not simply removing stuff but replacing and rearranging.

I never had a problem with the mystery aspect of the clone troopers although i understand the criticism of the yoda and the younglings and the dexter scene. In this version the work obi wan does is in the background and whenever we meet him we are catching up with him. this makes his investigation much more interesting than going from a to b with the audience exactly knowing what he will do next.
because we don't see most of the research obi wan at least comes across as smarter than in the original. replacing the queen of naboo with the family meeting is also much better and adds more emotion to the story - or add leasts gives the illusion of emotion.

The way Amidala and Anakin get arrested is also much much better and in a way a stroke of genius to underline the threat of this separatist movement. it gives character to padme the idealist.

C3PO and artoo are well removed from the battle and yoda isn't missed. The cut to the senate is a bit abrupt but it was a decision by Q2 to not show sidious so there isn't really much that can happen between those scenes.

Overall i really enjoyed this edit. It is a much improved version that despite running only 90 minutes doesn't feel rushed like many other edits

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