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(A caveat before I begin: I hate the source material for this edit, so I did not take into account my bias when giving a score for enjoyment.)

This is a huge improvement over the theatrical cut! All of the trilogy-spanning edit decisions made in Q2's Phantom Menace cut carry over here, so that means no R2D2 or C3PO, no knowledge of the Sith puppetmaster's identity (other than a slight mistrust), and very little Jar-Jar. In addition, he's somehow managed to make the romance between Padme and Anakin feel authentic and organic, as opposed to unbelievable and forced, and he's taken out that ridiculous fight between Yoda and Dooku. The pacing is also greatly improved, the story feels more focused, and the trade-outs between theatrical material and deleted scenes worked beautifully. I still don't consider this a very good movie, but at least now it's somewhat exciting and feels more like Star Wars. The best thing I can say to make my point is that, when it ended, I couldn't wait to watch the third one. I've never liked any of these prequels, so for me to feel that way is completely unexpected. Kudos. If you want to watch the prequels again, watch Q2's versions.

The only change I don't agree with is removing "I have a bad feeling about this." Ultimately, it doesn't make much of a difference, but, c'mon, it's Star Wars.

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