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This, for me is the perfect edit for Attack of the Clones.

In my opinion, Attack of the Clones is the worst out of the 3 prequel movies. The romantic bullshit, the love cliché environment just made this movie silly, ridiculous.

Now the movie is compact, the romance is BELIEVABLE, adding the deleted scene was a wise decision, and it sets the relationship more as a normal one... even if it is special.

The scene after the Tusken Raider killing is now in a good level of tension, and removes the silly sentences by Anakin.

Removing R2 and C3PO works perfectly too, you don't even realise many of the cuts. This also happens with all the unnecessary bullshit in this movie... now it is a good movie!! A whole new experience for me...

Also, Yoda is not a flying rat with a lightsaber anymore. Thumbs up!!!

This is my new Attack of the clones version. Thank you!!!!

Just a couple of suggestions:
- I know it is not a big issue but I would have chosen a different moment to cut after Anakin is defeated by Dooku... it seems a bit weird, even if I get the idea.
- I would try to cut out the "Yep" of Boba Fett. He should be, for me, the quiet little guy...

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