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(Updated: September 02, 2012)
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This is the first Episode II fanedit I’ve seen, and the first time I’ve seen the movie at all in several years.

My impression before viewing was that I hated this movie, I literally had to convince my self to sit and watch it. I recall it being very slow, and ultimately very pointless. Very little was gained from this movie that couldn’t have been surmised by simply watching the first half of Episode III.

But that was before Q2’s edit. I can honestly say I now prefer Episode II over Episode I. Q2’s cut at least. He’s taken a very flawed movie and distilled it to a much finer flim. As well as tightening up the plot, Q2 has also adjusted the tone to be more adult. That being said, I think kids can still enjoy this movie. Sure the most pointless and over the top battle scenes have been trimmed, but there’s a surprising amount of good in this movie once the cheesy/cliche parts are taken out of the way.

As usual Q2’s edit is technically flawless. Id say it’s even better then FOTJ Episode I. The pacing feels totally right, and there was never a time where you could tell something was cut. A great example is how he removed the droid factory scene. And although R2 and C2PO make brief cameo’s, they’re never on scene for more then 5 seconds at a time. Also, Anakin and Padme’s love finally made sense. When they kiss for the first time, it doesn’t feel forced or rushed. They feel like two kids in a desperate situation, finally giving in.

As I haven’t seen the original in some years, I can’t recall many other specific cuts. I do remember there being a fair amount of cheesy dialog that I didn’t see this go around.

I feel like this review is a little scattered, so I’ll sum it all up here. This edit is a major improvement over what was originally an awful, awful movie. Q2 trims the fat, and once he does it becomes clear the story told here is actually sort of interesting. I can’t compare it to other edits but I can say this is damn well worth your time. I’d watch this again before ever watching Episode I again (that movie is beyond saving).

I’d give George’s original film a 5/10.
I’d give Q2’s version a 7.5/10 (to say nothing of his technical ability, which is always 10/10).

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