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TV-to-Movie November 13, 2022 1546
(Updated: November 21, 2022)
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This edit is impeccable! I was skeptical going in, worried some of my favorite moments from the series might have been cut, or that, despite trimming over 2 hours, it might feel like too much is going on, But my worries were for not! The pacing of this edit makes it truly feel like it was always intended as a feature film. It's incredible! Almost nothing is missed from what is removed, aside from some fan servicey moments like the inclusion of Val. The story flows perfectly while still giving weight to each character's individual journey.

This edit does a lot for the Flag Smashers, making them feel like a stronger antagonistic force while also making you realize that the real villain of the story is the broken systems that created them and, to an extent, created John Walker. The court room scene is re-edited beautifully, with the line "You built me" really given power. I do miss the Val cameo here, but it would definitely mess with the flow of everything. This edit is near perfect, and is definitely in my list for future MCU rewatches.

Edit: I’m updating my review days later, after two more viewings… this edit redeems both Karli Morganthau and the Sharon Carter/ Powerbroker twist flawlessly. My biggest gripe about the series were these two elements, that aren’t only saved by Spence, but made into highlights!

Now... I would make two small changes! No cuts, but simple additions:
I would like to see a cold open scene before the MCU logo plays. The scene from the opening of episode 4 where Bucky is tested in Wakanda and is broken from the Winter Soldier programing. I just really like the scene and think it makes for a nice intro to Bucky before seeing him in therapy.
Lastly, I would include the U.S. Agent suit up as part of the post credits scene. Have it cut from Sharon's call to the exterior shot of the Raft, Zemo hears that the 4 remaining flag smashers are killed (which might be necessary for future continuity), then cut to Val reading about it on her phone as Walker is revealed in the suit. He says "I'm back!" and we cut to black. Adds about 3 minutes to the overall runtime without messing with the current edit at all.

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