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Rock Savage Jan 11 2009

I did not like Face/Off. It was a huge disappointment considering the excellent work John Woo had been doing in Hong Kong with films like A Better Tomorrow (1986), Hard-Boiled (1992) and the classic The Killer (1989).

I remember walking out of the cinema during the boat chase.

So CBB has made a FanEdit of Face/Off called Operation Terror. Due to the high standard of CBB FanEdits, I was interested to see it this movie could be improved.

Unfortunately this Fanedit cannot correct the embedded stupidity of this film. CBB has toned down some painful acting and ridiculous direction but the performances are still well over the top as is the super-hero action. Yes, the movie is more tolerable because there is less of it to watch but I think more could have been pruned.

Entertainment 2 – Editing 4 – Audio 5 – DVD – 5

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