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I admit that I'm one of the few who loves Eyes Wide Shut so much that I consider it my favorite film from Stanley Kubrick. However, I'm also aware of some of the issues people have with it, and I wanted to see how others would try to fix it, leading me to this one.

All in all, this was a pretty good edit. There are things that I personally would never have done. For example, the Marion subplot feels so tacked-on, especially in its edited form. I also think that the coffee table scene is the most pointless scene in the film, and I was disappointed to see it remain intact. But with that said, this is... Pretty good.

The changes in approach take a little getting used to, but I see what Gatos is trying to accomplish. From a stylistic standpoint, this edit felt more like an indie film than a Stanley Kubrick film. This might bother those who want that "pure Kubrickian" feel, but if you're willing to get past that, it works. The changes to the ending were effective, and left a much darker finish than what we got theatrically. The choice to make the infamous Somerton scene the bridge between the 1st and 2nd act gives this edit a slow burn kind of feel, and that's mostly a good thing.

Overall, while I do recommend this edit, I will echo plurmonger's comments that this is more an edit for those who like the thriller part of the film and not so much the romance part. And yes, I will confirm that Nicole Kidman's character barely exists in this edit. If that bothers you, then go search for something else. However, if all that I've mentioned above sounds like your thing, I recommend giving this one a viewing!

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