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DISCLAIMER: This is just one man's opinions. Don't let rating numbers scare you away from watching this edit. Also, there are some spoilers for the movie, but all that's in the "Enjoyment" section so skip it if you hate having knowledge.

I feel I must preface this review with a bit of rambling. I love the Evil Dead trilogy to death, I guess you could say they're my Star Wars. The first one was ground breaking and blew me away. The second film is a masterpiece. Numero Tres was really great and all, but it just went too cuddly for my tastes. So how do I feel about this nu Evil Dead... I don't know. I enjoyed it the first time but with every repeat viewing it gets worse. (This edit was viewing #5.) I feel bad for giving "middle" marks in the Enjoyment rating but I gotta be honest or whatever.

Ok let's get reviewing...

A/V quality 10/10 - Superb 720p MKV. There was one small little glitch but it could have been on my end so whatever.

Editing 10/10 - Perfect. Major props for the end credits music.

Narrative/Improvement 8/10 - Basically the same story, structure, timing etc. Act I is disjointed, they're too impatient to get to the blood they forgot to make us care about these characters. Some good trimmings to Act II, but still too many forced call backs. Loved what you cut from Act III!

Enoyment 7/10 (original 6) - There's a lot more that could have been cut. A lot of bad dialogue remains, erratic editing could have been smoothed over, would have been nice to see some of the over the top fan service moments taken out. I've wanted to make my own cut but haven't even been able to finish just writing down what I'd cut.

Here's a great example of how frustrating this movie is. Natalie cutting her arm off with the little saw. I was mad when I first saw it, they wasted such an iconic scene on the worthless girlfriend? Seeing it again and again just makes me remember how awesome Evil Dead 2 is, it's like they're trying to constantly remind us this reboot respects its roots while pissing all over the original.

But know what really sucks about that scene? It's hard as hell to cut out. You could trim it down a bunch and make it less of a big deal but it's still there. And hey what do you know, in the finale the new hero intentionally severs her hand off to escape the demon. Well that's kind of lazy to do that twice.

All right enough of my hate talking.


If you're a fan of the Evil Dead reboot you'll enjoy this alternate cut. If you wanted a more substantial cut you're better off waiting.

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