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Audio/Video Quality
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A/V Quality 10/10
No issues with the actual A/V quality. Clean picture, great DD5.1 sound.

Visual Editing 9/10
No issues, really. Sometimes it was pretty obvious when you were switching source material, but it worked fairly seamlessly. The colour correction was very well done.

Audio 5/10
Sorry, but this was the low point of the edit. It's a mixed bag of great ideas that were poorly executed. The speeder chase is great, but the volume is too low. The Duel of the Fates was great, but not mixed in very well. There's a slew of noticeable audio sync issues throughout the edit. And what the hell was with the music over the end credits? In the commentary you mentioned that you watched this edit 4 times - I'm surprised that at least a few of these issues weren't noticed and fixed before it was released, especially with all the time and energy you put into whole thing.

Narrative 10/10
Perfect. Improved the original by a huge margin. All the changes made were for the better. A couple of things were odd - Luke sensing the Leia was in danger was a neat idea, but it didn't work in practice and Luke and Leia hugging like they haven't seen each other in years on Tatooine - but did not really detract from the overall experience.

Enjoyment 7/10
I'd bump it up to 9/10 were it not for the audio issues. But what I really loved was the commentary track. I honestly only bothered to check this one out when I read that there was a faneditor commentary track included. I love edits with faneditor commentary and I really wish more editors out there would do them, especially for radical edits like this one. I love hearing what was changed, how it was changed and, most importantly, why it was changed, as it happens. The commentary track on this is a must-see and provides a lot of insight into the thought process and planning that went into this edit. It was very enjoyable, and perhaps, even more enjoyable than the edit itself. And your explanation as to why there's a giant bottomless pit on the star destroyer was gold.
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