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(Updated: September 09, 2012)
Review by TMBTM — March 27, 2011 @ 10:42 am

This is a very well thought, very bold fanedit.
People above already said more or less what I think but let me say that the pacing is awesome.
Maybe some scenes feel a bit rushed at time, but overall it worths it, IMO.

- The sadest tone of the movie is very well done by placing the Luke/Yoda scene at the begining. bravo.
(And to cut at the funeral pyre of Vader also end the movie on the same sad tone)
- I like Han Solo a lot more as a character in this edit.
I never really thought about that, but, yeah, his jealousy is really useless
After the “I love you. I know” scene in ESB and Leia’s “Someone who loves you” at the begining of Jedi, what proof Han needs more?
- Ewoks are handle very well. They never bother me as much as other SW’s fans, but the Leia/Wicket scene always felt like a “pace killer” to me.
So glad this one was removed.
- I loved all the small, very smart cuts all along the movie. Made me smile.
- The only thing I think could work better, pace-wise, is to have the first shot of Luke “reacting” to his vision a bit longuer (or maybe place a little later, I don’t know)
Now at first it looks like you forgot a random little video in your editor. We of course understand just the moment after but
it put me out of the movie as it is now. I know it’s “prequel’s canon” but what about adding some “dream like” effect on it?
- The other thing is: as cool as it is to have this amazing shot of the Emperor with the death star right behind him, I’m finaly not entirely sold, story-wise.
Because the Emperor is too self confident in his new weapon, it’s his weakness. He is sure the rebel will be defeated.
So why not be in the safest place during the battle? Also, in the original I like the fact that the rebel are about to blow the thing while Luke is on it. It’s part of the thrill to me.
I understand the concept that “if the rebel wins, the Emperor would be killed no matter what, so if the scene takes place somewhere else it has more meaning”,
but Luke is not coming to kill the Emperor, he comes to save his father.
Anyway, fanedits are for alternate takes on movies, and you did an amazing job achieving your goal and vision. Congratulations!

- Video quality is VERY good.
- Audio have a level problem at the start of the ending credits. I also feel that the music during the speeder chase (amazing by the way) could be raised just a little.
- Bonus are a real plus. Kuddo to Spence to take the extra time to do that.

So, all in all I’m not sure it is the ultimate ROTJ for me but I enjoyed it a lot, and a lot of fans had/will love it.
Try it now!
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