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(Updated: September 09, 2012)
Review by Brumous — March 19, 2011 @ 3:04 am

This is good, it is worth a watch. I think the best thing about this edit is the overall rearrangement of the storyline. Spence wanted to generate some tension in the plot that would get the viewer more involved, and this edit does accomplish that.

I never like the original very much, and there were no scenes in the original that really drew me in. Spence’s Final Cut has some highlight scenes that you can now actually enjoy. Jabba’s Palace – very good. The bike speeder chase – much improved. The final meeting of Luke, Vader and the Emperor – excellent.

Another great thing is how this edit moves right along. It zips from scene to scene with alacrity and the 93 minute length feels more like 33. The new musical backing tracks are terrific, well choreographed to the action, and add a lot of emotional punch.

Getting down to small details, there were some technical flaws. Maybe it’s my computer system, but the dialog was a little out of sync in most of the movie and there were some audio clicks at splice points. Some of the scene cuts felt a little mistimed.

Spence really was successful at making this Luke’s story, and this edit reveals that Hamill’s acting is up to the task of carrying the story. I can now buy that Luke is a fully trained Jedi.
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