Eternal Memory & The Final Days

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1998 / 2004
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169 / 156
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Brief Synopsis:
This is a 91 minutes version of Saving Private Ryan. The difference is that there is no search for a Ryan. It's cut to an adventure full action war movie with other colors and music overdub. Der Untergang is more now to the character of Hitler in the bunker and the war on the streets of Berlin
I think the happenings in SPR (D-Day) and the following edit of the final days of Hitler was for me the intention to make this as a double feature. Like some continued story of what you see first in SPR ( Eternal Memory)
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
Eternal memory:
- I cut all the scenes which involved the search of Private Ryan
- The loss of the two brothers of Ryan in not in this cut, he has no brothers
- Ryan as an older man is cut (opening scene) and at the end
- Dialogue is (heavy) trimmed at some scenes
- Some small cuts in the whole movie

The Final Days:
- I cut most of the dialogue of the women and soldiers in this picture
- Some hospital scenes are cut
- There is no song for Hitler done by the children of Goebbels
- Some party scenes in the bunker are cut

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