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There are few things in life I enjoy more than metal, fanedits and Star Wars. If there was ever a target market for an edit like this, it's me.

This edit reminded me a lot of what Blotted Science did with their videos for Ingesting Blattaria, Cretaceous Chasm, Vermicular Asphyxiation and the like. Not only is is great music in it's own right, but it happens to synch very nicely with various film scenes. Now, I will say that the Overclock Orchestra is no Blotted Science, but Blotted Science is made up of some of the most talented metal musicians on the planet, so that's not really fair. But, what we're definitely not dealing with is a shitty metalcore group with a bunch of breakdowns and jumpdafuckups. Overclock Orchestra is the real deal. These guys know their metal and know what has to go in to quality riffs, progression and production.

So what we've got here is a silent fanedit of all the badass bits in Empire synched to a metalized version of John Williams score. Has there been another fanedit where the editor has created their own art and infused it as an essential element of the fanedit? I don't think so. That alone elevates this above what we generally think of as a fanedit. Most, if not all, fanedits take someone else's art, mix it around and create something new. The Overclock dudes go one higher with an original (kinda) score and knock it out of the park. This could easily stand alone on it's merits of being a great instrumental metal album. But it also synchs perfectly with Empire. Sure, these aren't fanedit guys making music, they're music guys making a fanedit. But for it to work as well as it does is astounding. For someone to create their own soundtrack to an edit of one of the most beloved movies of all time (even more so within these circles), takes guts, balls, creativity and talent. And the fact that it didn't suck, but was done so professionally is incredible.

In short, what Neglify said.

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