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(Updated: May 30, 2015)
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Straight off, let me declare this ought to be considered a SILENT edit. The entire audio track has been erased. Dialogue, music, effects. Gone, baby, gone. In its place is a fiery thrash power trio, the Overclock Orchestra. If this appeals to you, read no further. Get the edit and crank the volume to 11. If you’re still on the fence -

Video - Workmanlike editing here. Hard cuts and fades to black. Good colour saturation. The bluish cast that sometimes afflicts ESB is not noticeable here. Blacks are solid, even in the final duel sequence deep inside Bespin.

Audio - Driving 2.0 metal score, well arranged and played. Comments regarding that forthcoming. As noted by other reviewers, additional sound effects would have been most welcomed. Explosions, blaster fire, crashes, doors, even if they were relegated to rear surrounds.

The music held my interest for awhile. The Hoth sequence was cleverly done, with a sly nod to the Williams score that had me saying “Cool” out loud. The opening of Part III, Bespin, featured a brooding riff Joe Satriani would have been proud of. By the end of the section, references to Williams were blatant and obvious, bordering on parody. For me, this was where the music entered Spinal Tap territory. Even during thoughtful or quiet scenes, such as when Yoda is mentoring, Overclock members grind music with little thought to the visual subject matter.

Narrative - Uhhh . . . no, sorry, none. These are more stitched action bits, with no cohesive plot. A viewer unfamiliar with ESB would be adrift. The combat and battles are wicked, the music brutal and gnarly, and the result is a rock video. Which is fine, though this really strikes me as more a consecution.

Enjoyment - Z-Rock used to scream, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old!” I hear that.

The propulsive Overclock attack is what will ultimately draw viewers. If you have an appetite for speed and crunching guitar, and if you don’t suffer “golden ears” or musical snobbery, you will probably enjoy this edit.

Me? I suffer both of the latter, and this edit wore thin midway.

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