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A little short, but that just shows you how little care went into filling out the time for the series regulars in favour of more for the guest stars...what a disgrace the Enterprise finale was, reducing everyone it's fans invested in to holodeck narratives...given how unpredictable holodecks are on Star Trek, who can even tell if this is a historical record of what happened? Even without the prescense of Riker and Troy, it continued an ongoing downbeat trend of all the Star Trek finales that wasn't "All Good Things" (yes, there's a few hopeful things in DS9's ending, but it's tinged with the cost of war, departures, and Sisko's sacrifice), and the lack of TNG only demonstrates that Enterprise had perhaps the most dire ending of them all. Is this the vision Roddenberry set out to demonstrate? The federation is born out of a tragic, not upbeat event, what an underhanded betrayal of Roddenberry's vision.

This is no fault of the editor, he wanted the Enterprise team to reclaim control of THEIR show, and to this extent he just about pulls it off. There's a few rough transitions but they don't pull you out of the viewing experience, they're just a little "quick", one thing that should have been addressed is the cross-fade, that should not be in there, it makes the thing look amateur.

Enterprise was never my favourite Trek show, but the fourth season showed it deserved more of a chance than it got. I strongly suggest constructing a unique fan-edited series finale for yourselves using any episode footage BUT this, as an edit, it's almost competent, as a finale, it's barely capable.

Sincerely, a Trekkie.
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