Enemy: The Analogue Cut

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This edit aims to improve on the pace of the original in areas where it is unnecessarily slow, as well as remove all reference to the spiders.
Enemy (2013), by Denis Villeneuve, was an interesting film. Slow, calm, and ambiguous. But while I didn't have a big problem with the pace, I couldn't help but notice that there were a lot of shots that served no purpose - in particular in the first act - which seemingly were present only to draw out the film and, in my opinion, should've been left on the cutting room floor. Additionally, I disliked the addition of the spiders, which were not in The Duplicate - the book the film is based on.

*Spoilers for Enemy*

My interpretation of the story is that the main character is one man having a fantasy, a man who's compartmentalised several aspects of his life into two different people. He's assigned his full time job, his mistress, and his meekness to Adam, and assigned his second job, his wife, and his brasher side to Anthony. The story is about the clash between his two personalities and, ultimately, him choosing his wife over his mistress - hence the death of his brasher actor alter ego along with his mistress at the end. I don't view the spiders as necessary - if anything, they detract (despite providing a good visual and a compelling ending), hence the motivation behind cutting them.
Other Sources:
Saunder Jurriaans - Delusions - The Devil All the Time (Soundtrack)
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Editing Details:
Most changes fall under the following:
1. Pace has been tightened in areas where it is unnecessarily slow
2. A number of scenes, lines, and shots I felt were unneeded have been cut
3. All appearance and reference to the spiders has been cut

Because the original ending related to the spiders, the ending has also been changed by repurposing an earlier scene.
Cuts and Additions:
Added IFDb intro and new intro
Opening moved to end
Cut scene with woman in heels killing a spider
Cut Adam walking out of uni
Cut Adam walking between rooms
Cut 1st, 2nd & 3rd sex scenes between Adam & Mary
Cut Adam leaving uni, buying the film
Cut Adam walking between rooms, taking off tie
Cut Mary walking between rooms
Trimmed 4th sex scene between Adam & Mary, Mary leaving
Lowered volume during Adam's dream version of the film he saw
Trimmed Adam getting up after dreaming
Trimmed end of shot when Adam is watching the film at night
Cut Adam getting a laptop charger
Trimmed Adam scrolling for Fraser Ash's image
Cut Adam clicking on Daniel Saint Claire's page
Cut Adam turning back to get his keys
Cut shots of phone ringing, Adam looking at it
Trimmed shot of Adam driving
Shortened Adam getting back into his car after getting the envelope
Cut some shots of Adam driving to payphone
Cut shot of Adam looking around after getting out of car (before payphone)
Shortened Adam walking to payphone
Trimmed Helen walking towards Anthony
Cut Adam entering classroom
Cut Helen arriving on campus
Trimmed phone ringing when Anthony calls Adam
Cut Anthony "I don't know what you're talking about", Helen "I think you know", as it is referencing the spiders
Cut Anthony's spider nightmare, waking up from it
Cut shot of Adam walking to the hotel
Cut shots of woman walking through corridoor, Adam noticing her (again, seems to relate to spider storyline)
Cut shots of Anthony showering, Helen lying down, Anthony staring
Trimmed shot of city
Cut shot of Anthony sitting at home with his wife after stalking Mary
Cut Adam walking into his mother's house
Cut massive spider in the city
Cut shot of Adam facepalming
Rearranged scenes so that Adam visiting his mother comes shortly after his encounter with Anthony, and Anthony delivering his ultimatum to Adam comes immediately after stalking Mary
Cut Anthony rehearsing his ultimatum
Cut shot of buildings whilst Anthony's rehearsing
Trimmed shot of motorbike whilst Anthony's rehearsing
Trimmed Anthony looking in the mirror before putting on suit
Trimmed shot of Anthony driving Mary
Trimmed Adam entering Anthony's building
Cut man in elevator telling Adam that he has "to go back". A reference to the spider room from the beginning.
(don't mention) Tiny trim on end of shot
Cut shot of Adam walking through Anthony's living room
Cut Adam opening the fridge. Two mentions of bluberries was enough.
Trimmed Adam staring whilst waiting for Helen
Cut shot of Adam standing around
Cut shot of bedroom before Anthony and Mary enter
Trimmed Anthony/Mary sex scene
Cut shot of Adam standing around after getting out of bed with Helen
Cut shot of Adam sitting around after Mary walks towards the car
Lowered volume leading up to and during the car crash
Cut zoom on spiderweb after the car crash
Cut radio broadcast, closing scene
Moved opening to the end. Works suprisingly well, and alters the meaning of the ending
Replaced shot of highway during new ending (the mother's voicemail) with shots of Anthony/Adam from the opening spider scene
Added new closing credits - rescored with "Delusions" from The Devil All the Time
Moved and recut original closing credits to match rescore

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Well I haven't seen the original version for years so I watched this with very fresh eyes.
And if I didn't knew about the spiders then I didn't really could tell that this was a fanedit.
It's really well crafted and the editing is flawless.
The pacing is great and the film itself is stunning.

Hats of to Heavisyde
it's a really great edit

But I still miss the spiders (at least the very last one)
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It's snappier, more tense, and more suspenseful. I didn't miss anything about the spiders or the webs. Goes to show how surface-level they really were and only existed to further emphasis and connect themes that were already in the film's foundation.

You were very smart with what you trimmed, and I didn't feel like I was missing out on any part of the movie, maybe other than the fan-favorite final spider reveal and Adam/Anthony's subsequent sigh (but that's largely for the 'wtf' factor, and isn't a point against the edit). I also thought it was smart how you restructured the events leading up to Anthony confronting Adam.

Didn't notice any video or audio goofs.

I absolutely loved the opening disclaimer and your custom credits at the end.

Overall, this was great.
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