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(Updated: August 31, 2012)
bastos nov 5 2009

Let me give this more attention, then. I created a login to just provide feedback to this incredible video. First, let me say that I’ve watched this video in the hundred times range by now. As a thirty-seven year old man, watching this on HBO/ABC/wherever I could find it was an integral part of my childhood. For the past few years, I’ve actually watched the DVD by watching the old DVD version with Kermit, then switching over to the other ‘longer’ version, while pausing and shouting out missing lines at the television. Philfrog – I’m certain you probably did the same. I set up my own personal ambition to start building an edited version for this. Now – why bother? Perfection has been achieved through this. I never could understand why or how Jim never built this version himself… Phil – your building provides a wonderful homage to this nearly perfect version of this masterpiece. Your re-editing of the bathing suit may be the most masterful section of this piece. Its edits, while a bit creative, provide a beautiful extension to this song, and a more wonderful re-introduction to these characters. One that I can understand why might have been shortened thirty-two years ago, but as an homage to this stunning piece, gives an even more beautiful companion. I LOVE THE RETURN OF KERMIT! Thanks for this. A portion of my memory still recollected the bits around Kermit’s voice-over, but couldn’t place them around those two sections. Thanks for that. Piecing back each section surrounding the newly extended talent show is lovely, as well. I wasn’t MISSING them, but re-extending the section was excellent. Your edits are excellent, as well. I can’t say perfect, because those danged perfect copies hover between HIT and Disney, with neither able or willing to blink. However, your work within those constraints was masterful. Thanks. You’ve made this and every Christmas with my family more beautiful. Let me say – if/when this film ever receives a full release, I will buy it – yet again (for the fifth time now, I believe), but until then, I will continue to support HIT with every re-re-release, too. Thanks, Philfrog. I’m now looking through all of your other work. Do you have a worship page?

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