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Okay, I'll say it: Bionic Bob should be hired as the showrunner for the Arrowverse. Or an advisor for the showrunners, at least. As someone who grew up on a steady diet of comic books in the 80s these shows have quite a bit to offer me and there's a lot they get right about most of the characters, but as I frequently say, the continuous emphasis on soap opera stuff keeps putting me off and I tend to lose interest. So I'm eternally grateful to Bob for distilling these event arcs into versions centered on the parts that do hold my attention, so I can finally watch without any fears of ending up yawning every ten minutes, and concentrate on all the excitement and all the references to the most diverse eras of DC history that long time comic book fans appreciate so much. It's often said that movies are life minus the boring parts. And that's exactly what these edits are.

Sure, Elseworlds is in itself not as interesting or engaging as Crisis on Earth-X, lacking an evil world as fascinating as that one and coming across as a bit too episodic, but there's still a lot of fun to be had here. The road towards Crisis on Infinite Earths is set, and the references start here. It's always great for an old-timer like me to see 90s Flash show up, here playing basically the role that Pariah had in the original COIE (and even teasing John Stewart - come on, it's about time they give us a worthwhile live action Green Lantern!), and the fact that the story even plays around with the possible death of the two major casualties of COIE is a welcome wink. And complete with a Superman the Movie nod, at that.

Technically-wise it's perfectly achieved, and the pacing is kept consistent all through. Even some bits that I thought could have been cut end up having a payoff. Initially I thought the Clark and Lois conversation about the Argo City stuff could have been lost and that the Clark/Kara conversation that follows it inmediately was enough to set up Barry and Oliver's arrival, which it would have been... but then there's something towards the end that justifies keeping it. Everything ends up being connected.

Now, I'm absolutely ready for the Bionic COIE. Worlds will live, worlds will die... and Arrowverse fanedits will never be the same!
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