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white43 dec 26 2010

Nice work UA. Been a while since I saw the original, so this is one of those occasions where you can’t quite remember the exact detail, but your editing was top notch, no glaring unseemless edits.

Flowed really well and I didn’t note anything you’d cut. I remember something to do with Laurent and him ‘freeing the prisoners’ or something, but I only remembered that after the show!

It just goes to show that this “cut the crap” kind of edit totally works, because nothing is missed and it just gets on with it. Extraneous fight scenes aren’t missed either. I’d forgotten there was a big conflict with Lincoln vs Merrick.

Total improvement. It’s still not a great film, but that isn’t your fault is it?

10/10 for the great editing and sound work.
Film now sits at a 8/10, rather than 6/10.
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