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(Updated: August 30, 2012)
casmirradon aug 31 2009

I am so very happy to report that before watching Echo a moment ago, I had never seen the Island, I didn’t even know much about it. This is wonderful because I had the joy of seeing your edit without any memory of the crap that you excised (I bet you’re envious).

I can say that your edits, if not perfect, are at least undetectable for a new viewer such as myself. And although my attention to detail is nothing compared to yours, I am picky, and I do usually pick up on awkward cuts and lacking continuity.

I made the wise decision not to read any of your edits before watching. I trusted your vision completely after seeing T3 The Coming Storm, and it was a real treat to read what I was “missing” after the fact. And you are right, it was in fact funny seeing the maid’s outfit in McCord’s closet without knowing about his wife. If the filmmakers had had the idea for that joke they would have ruined it, but as it was it was subtle and worth a laugh.

What else can I say, your list of edits could very well be my list of reasons why I am happy right now. Good work.
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