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(Updated: September 02, 2012)
February 8, 2009

A good 15 years ago, I loved Dune, a few years later when the TV extended version came out – all excitement. Except the TV version was full of crap, bad editing and a starting I no longer liked. Oddly enough, I watched this version again after watching John Harrison’s version of Dune and came to the conclusion it was bollocks and I’m ashamed to say that I prefered John Harrison’s version.

After discovering – I found these version of Dune floating around – several versions. Unsure which to go with, I opted for ADMs as it was longer (I love deleted scenes) and he’d made a big attempt to improve the offensive bits. I’ve yet to watch the other versions of Dune on this site.


ADM has restored Irulan to the opening credits – which I preferred. We don’t have the comic book opening by Herbert narrating(I believe?) or him narrating ‘A secret report from within the guild’. Cut short, ADM’s version has restored quite literally my faith in this film. Ironically, I watched John Harrison’s version after and realised how campy shite it is!!!!(Despite being very faithful). ADM has restored Lynch’s vision in my personal opinion.

Any fan of Dune, who was disappointed in the extended cut and has lost their faith in the film should see this. OK – some scenes are not good quality, but do I care? No!! That’s why it’s called a ‘Workprint’!!! Well done ADM, this, together with your extended version of Blade Runner rates you as my favourite FE!
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