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"A film that’s been admired, hated and puzzled-over in fairly equal amounts ... "

How about, all the above?
Stunning set design and ridiculous costumes. What are the Sardaukar, firefighters?
Gorgeous Brian Eno theme - then Toto.
Exposition that advances the plot, dialogue that booms bombastic.
Top tier actors driven by madman Lynch to ham it up.
I loved Dune - I hated Dune.

Spicediver did an outstanding job in focusing the narrative thrust of the movie.
I appreciate how he organized the structure into four books.
Video editing was fine. When deleted footage was used, it was noticeable. Sharp to grainy. Yet the result was in keeping with his intended edit.
Audio, once or twice I caught some dialogue that did not match mouths. More often than not, there was a crop or he inserted audio when character backs were turned. Again, this was meant to enhance pacing or narrative, so I don't want to nitpick.
I really enjoyed this edit, which eclipses my other copies, including the miniseries.

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Owner's reply August 22, 2013

Thanks for the review.

I don't remember inserting dialogue that didn't match mouths, nor inserting dialogue when character backs were turned. So it must be how those shots/scenes are in their original state.

Yes, its too bad about the Deleted footage. That footage was non-anamorphic, which means it had to be zoomed-in/blown-up so that the picture touched the sides of the frame and matched the the original anamorphic footage in its 2.35.1 aspect ratio.

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