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I unequivocally love this film in the two hour version and think it works less well in the extended/TV cut, plus I've watched extended fanedits before. This time I watched spicediver's 2012 'Dune: The Alternative Edition Redux' fanedit, which runs for about 3-hours. spicediver skillfully integrates the deleted footage in a way that feels true to the style and tone established in the shorter cut. I was impressed by the way he removed the aforementioned rain sequence without detracting from the climactic swell of the music and visuals. There were a couple of minutes during the final battle where the audio editing sounded a bit choppy but otherwise it was all seamless. As with other extended versions, it does suffer from unbalancing the narrative and characters. Because the bulk of the additional material focuses on Paul and/or the first half, the 2nd half of the film seems increasingly rushed and the other characters get lost somewhat. I wish it was in HD (as much as possible) but it's still a wonderful way to watch the film. I think I'll be torn from now on when I need to decide which version to watch. Thanks spicediver!

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