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I have a different take than most other reviewers. For one, I actually really enjoyed the normal DVD version of Dune! Yes, I'm the one.

I don't find the film particularly harder to understand than a film like Memento or Inception or The Fountain. You need to be attentive, and a rewatch wouldn't hurt. But it's not nearly as impenetrable as the novels. Therefore, I wasn't really looking for anything to simplify the narrative in this fanedit. For me, this was simply a chance to get more of a good thing! I wanted all the extra footage from the other versions.

Unfortunately, this footage is a mess, with very inconsistent quality and a few hard-to-incorporate edits. Despite spicediver's work on the effects, it is just really very jarring whenever the footage switches. It took me right out of the film every time.

In as much as some of the added scenes expand and deepen the world of Dune, many of them really do nothing but slow down the narrative. I actually have to agree with many of the decisions of the original studio. Putting these scenes back in makes you very aware of the runtime, and adds little to the story. Dune is already a long, epic film without them. I think a few could be added back in, IF the visual/audio quality wasn't distracting.

Overall, many of the small tweaks in this edit are appreciated. But the length and structure now feels bloated to me, and the added scenes are a mixed bag. I still prefer the previous version, personally, though I'm sure completists and fans of the novel may like this version better.

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