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July 9, 2010

At 3 hours I must admit my trepidation at sitting down and watching this one. But boy, am I glad I did. This Dune edit is a great piece work and a real lesson in the art of storytelling through editing.

I like the first 3 books although it was the original version of Lynch’s movie that actually got me into Dune. When I first saw it I liked a few elements like the creative art direction but I was pretty annoyed and confused and had to read the novel afterwards to understand what the hell was going on! I’ve watched the extended ‘TV’ edition on DVD a few times and I think its intriguing but I agree with Spicediver: what an amateur mess it is.

I really enjoyed the alternative edition. It’s extremely well thought out and technically very nicely edited and mixed. The extra deleted footage is rough, yes but the stuff that was chosen belongs there and there’s not too much of it. Another thing: only after watching this edit did I realize how much of the ‘voiced thoughts’ had been erased from the soundtrack. Then I had flashbacks: god, those voices were annoying weren’t they? So, great call there by the editor: it’s a device that belongs in the novel, not the movie!
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