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November 27, 2009

Greetings All,

New to the forum but not new fanedits or

I have been a fan of “Dune” (both the books and the various incarnations of the commecrically-released movies) for years. I have seen all the commercially available versions of the movie (even the SciFi channel mini-series) and even an early attempt by a friend of mine to do an “edit” using three connected vcrs.

Not until I downloaded and watched Spicediver’s “Dune” have I been more happy with this movie. A great edit, much better pacing than any version I have ever seen and an outstanding use of source material. I take no issue with Spicediver’s choice in using some of the lower-quality deleted scenes – they definitely progress the plot/pace of the movie. This version absolutely replaces my commercially bought version. I plan on burning this version to DVD and giving several as gifts to my freinds!

SPICEDIVER: You sent the becnhmark for fanedits/extended version not seen since Phantom Editor’s “The Phantom Menance”. My question to you: what’s next? ;-)
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