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(Updated: October 21, 2023)
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From a technical point of view, I'm not knowledgeable enough to rate this.
For me, as a FanEdit n00b, this looks amazing.
yes, I see the video quality jumping a bit, inconsistencies like first contact with the Fremen, it is very grainy and he is very dirty, next scene in the village he is crisp hi-quality and clean.
That being stayed, I soo glad those scenes are in there because as an avid reader of the first 5 books, I felt the original movie was very rich and true to the story in the first part but once we are at book 3 and 4 (Paul life among the Fremen), I always felt they rushed trough the story, skipping important scene, or reducing scene that are a pivoting point in the story to a short few seconds section.
This Edit relay stays way more true to the story, especially book3 and 4.
And in the scope of eth complete dune story, the first 2 books are just a short intro, setting the stage for the REAL story.

So as an avid DUne enthusiast, you have made me very happy with this edit.

I really wanted to give Narrative and Enjoyment an 11

Thank you SpiceDIver

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