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When I saw Dumb and Dumber To in the theater I laughed quite a bit. There were a lot of good laughs in the movie. The problem was there were also a lot of really bad jokes as well. And the scene with the old woman in the home just doesn't belong in Dumb and Dumber, whether you find it funny or gross or whatever. The first thing I said to my friend when the movie ended was, "someone could probably edit this into a great movie". Well that is what this edit is. There is only one maybe awkwardly quick cut that is noticeable (barely though, maybe I only noticed because I know it is there) but it was the best that could be done I think. And skipping that scene was a good choice in my opinion. There were some things I would have left in and even a few things left in I would have taken out but I'll worry about that when I make my own edit. This is the movie that should have been released in theaters and it would have performed much better if it had. If you are a huge fan of the original Dumb and Dumber this is the worthy sequel to it in my opinion. It's not as good of a movie but it's a good time. Worthy to be on the shelf next to the original. (Or in a folder on your computer). I like it. I like it a lot.

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