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I have to totally agree with flubly's review below. I was a big fan of the original Dumb and Dumber, but just couldn't get into the new film. There's some kind of intangible line they crossed with all the gross-out humor and crassness. In the original, it seemed like it was all keeping you off-guard and each new gag was unexpected, so you got kind of "shock laughs". A lot of the humor in Dumb and Dumber To just seems very apparent from the setups though, so that instead of laughing at the gags...I just gagged.

So the saying that comes to mind to fit this movie is "You can't polish a turd." Well, ebumms does give it a damn fine effort though. He takes a horrible movie and makes it.... tolerable. Not all that enjoyable, but tolerable. By cutting out a lot of the worst lines and adding in some deleted bits, he gets the ratio of funny jokes to deafeningly unfunny jokes up to about 50/50. Though they're incredibly talented, both Daniels and Carrey are at least 10 years too old for these kind of roles and this kind of humor. You're just not going to get me to laugh at a lot of the genuinely creepy or disgusting jokes or any of the many 1-note jokes in the film. And sadly, that's all the film has... there's not really much plot, no depth or character growth. It's a film that's all about the gags, and succeeds or fails based on how the leads perform those.

It should go without saying that technically this edit is fantastic. Of course if it had visual or audio hiccups, I wouldn't be able to focus on the humor. So that means this will come down to personal, subjective taste. IMHO, ebumms has taken one of the worst comedies of the decade and made it worth watching. Once.

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