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Absolutely enjoyable, I can’t believe I put off watching a mix of Drive and La La Land. First of all Drive isn't your typical car-chase thriller. This instant classic teleports you to a darker bloody, beautiful, and well thought out version of LA. The visuals and audio are one-of-a-kinds for this film and it works out surprisingly well. Finally, Ryan Gosling delivers a brilliant controlled and subtle performance as the driver. Now you ask me what more to this fan edit.

The obvious mix would be to mix Drive with the Gosling/Refn follow up Only God forgives, which in my opinion is a spiritual sequel to Drive. Not only it shares a similar Gosling performance, but also has the same look and feel. Only this time it's in Bangkok.

So how come Malthus is choosing La La Land instead of Only God forgives. I guess Malthus doesn't want to follow the easy way and the aim of his fan edit is to explore the Gosling 'Driver' character by giving us some more insight into his motivation and maybe his past. At first sight, the mix of Drive and La La Land doesn't make an obvious good match up. Gosling's character is different and the love story is a magical love letter to the golden age of Hollywood.

Despite being a bit confused I really enjoyed this fan mix. It has a very Lynchian feel and that is what it makes it stands out.

Malthus 'Driver' is not in HD. Not sure that was on purpose, but the edit has now a different retro look and feel. It is a bit blurry but I really like the level of some sort of regrading :) Finally, the movie pacing is well kept still despite the dream sequences and I did not notice and hasty cuts.

If you want to experience Drive with a new twist I recommend you watch this fan edit.

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