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I went into watching this edit pretty excited considering its reviews and premise. Dredd really is a movie that - while very good - has a very simple plot that doesn't necessarily need to be as long as it is. Due to this, I really thought/think an edit designed to cut the fat off the film and leave only the bare essentials for the plot and characters would really improve an already very enjoyable movie.

However, this edit goes way too far with that premise, cutting far too much of the film, and while it does live up to its claims of leaving only the most memorable scenes and moments, it fails to set them up appropriately, lessening both the thematic impact of those scenes. Even having seen the movie multiple times before, I found myself confused as to how the characters got from one moment to the next, leaving the movie more a collection of randomly assembled scene rather than a cohesive and sensible narrative.

Additionally, I felt like several of the audio and music choices were unnecessary or overbearing, which distracted me from the movie itself. Other technical qualities of the edit were perfectly acceptable, however as far as I'm aware, it's only available in SD.

Overall, to my this edit is an unfortunate case of a good concept taken too far. If done with a little more temperance, this could be a superior vision of Dredd.

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