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Rogue’s excellent reimagining of DREDD includes all of the original’s most memorable moments, while offering a new take on the film. For me, the most notable difference is that the events now take place over one day. This change creates a strong contrast between the squalid, sealed-off interior of Peach Trees – where it might as well be night all the time – and the bright outside world.

In part one, a montage does a fantastic job of summarizing Dredd and Anderson’s badassery. In part two, however, I could see the seams in some of the editing. Before the Gatling gun assault, the audio drops out awkwardly on a shot of Ma-Ma. Later, when the assault is intercut with Kay’s attempted execution of Anderson, a key line is drowned out by music. Finally, it is disorienting when the computer guy reveals that Ma-Ma is in her private quarters; wasn’t she leading the assault only minutes ago?

But these moments are only minor bumps in an otherwise smooth ride. The editing is nearly perfect considering the number of changes made, and you get your fill of gore and grit in an exciting half an hour. Recommended.
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