Dream Warriors [raymix], The

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If You Think The Nightmare Is Over, You Must Be Dreaming...
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Brief Synopsis:
My goal here was mostly just to tighten up the editing & remove filler.
The altered ending of NoES [raymix] helps bridge the story together.
This project aims to bring stronger continuity, tighter editing & improved pacing to 6 of the films in the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series.
Other Sources:
-A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (Warner Bros. Bluray, 2012)
-A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (Warner Bros. Bluray, 2012)
-Friday the 13th (Scream Factory bluray, 2020)
Additional Audio-
-A Nightmare on Elm Street Score (Varèse Sarabande Records Remaster, 2015)
-A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Score (Varèse Sarabande Records Remaster, 2015)
-A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master Score (Varèse Sarabande Records Remaster, 2015)
-A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Score (Sony Classical Records, 2010)
-I Wanna Live by the Ramones (from the album Halfway to Sanity, 1987)
-Therapist by Vigil (from the soundtrack to The Dream Master, 1988)
-Sound Effects (freesound.org & youtube.com)
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I tried to stay true to Terry Stokes & Chuck Weiss' editing style from the original film. I didn't want anything to seem changed or altered at all.
This mostly meant sharp, quick cutting & trying to keep the energy high.
Cuts and Additions:
Opening Titles-
-added the Fanedit.org logo.
-added my fanedit production logo.
-added music over New Line production logo & director credit. (Prologue)
-new "A Chuck Russell Film" credit.
-recreated the Edgar Allen Poe quote in the font used for the rest of the [raymix] text.
Title Sequence-
-new title logo.
-new title. (simply, The Dream Warriors)
-added sound effects to new title sequence.
-new music during the title sequence. (Basement Chase [raymix] )
-added a white flash transition from the title sequence to Kristen in her room.
Kristen in Her Room-
-removed all opening credits by cutting & cropping shots.
-changed the music coming from Kristen's radio to I Wanna Live by the Ramones.
-color corrected the shot of Kristen scooping coffee so the coffee isn't grey.
-changed the music after Kristen goes to bed to the track Pt. 3 Opening.
Kristen's Dream-
-cut Kristen holding a razor blade when her mom finds her in the bathroom.
At Westin Hills-
-added "Tuesday, June 7th 1988" text to the shot of the orderly walking down the hall.
Nancy at Kristen's House-
-changed the music when Nancy goes to Kristen's room to the track Prologue.
-longer shot of the model Elm Street house Kristen has made.
-longer shot of Nancy staring at the Elm Street house model.
Kristen's Nightmare-
-shortened the shot panning around Kristen as she looks at the pig on the table.
-different sound effect as Nancy falls through the chair into Kristen's dream.
Philip's Demise-
-cut Kincaid deciding not to help Philip when he sees him sleepwalking.
At the Funeral-
-cut the Nun calling Neil's faith in science a "sad choice."
-cut the Nun saying "It is an abomination to man & god."
Dinner at Nancy's House-
-cut Nancy telling Neil "You're doing the best you can."
Group Session-
-cut Nancy saying "You are the last of the Elm Street children."
-cut Nancy asking Kristen "How about it? Will you try?"
-cut Neil beginning to doubt Nancy as she explains the dreams to the kids.
Group Dream-
-the scene with Joey & the nurse continues longer before cutting back to the group.
-new music as the nurse talks to Joey. (Alice at the Mirror)
-recreated all sound effects during the nurse make-out scene. (footsteps, zipper, clothes, bed)
-cut the nurse asking "do you like my body?"
-new music resumes when we cut back to the nurse & Joey making out. (Alice at the Mirror)
-cut the spinning shot of Joey tied to his bed shorter.
Neil & the Nun in the Tower-
-cut the Nun telling Neil the story of Amanda Kruger being raped.
Neil & Mr. Thompson Go Find Freddy's Remains-
-cut the priest catching Neil taking the crucifix.
Kristen's Dream-
-added a fade-from-white into Kristen's dream instead of a hard cut from white.
-changed the music coming from Kristen's radio to I Wanna Live by the Ramones.
-cut Kristen hugging her mom.
-added a fade-to-white from Kristen in the Elm Street house instead of a hard cut to white.
-new sound effect to match the new longer transition.
Taryn's Demise-
-augmented the music during Taryn's dream with Therapist by Vigil.
-added a fade to white after Taryn's death instead of a hard cut to white.
-added a sound effect as the screen fades to white.
-white-out transition lasts longer.
Will's Demise-
-the fade-in to Will lasts longer.
-added a sound effect as the screen fades to Will.
-augmented the music cue when Will is killed with the track Pt.1 Main Theme.
Group Dream-
-the new music continues until Kincaid crashes through the wall to find Nancy & Kristen.
Neil & Mr. Thompson in the Junkyard-
-added new sound effects as Mr. Thompson's car is smashed.
-cut a shot of Mr. Thompson going through the air after Freddy's skeleton throws him.
-cut Freddy's skeleton making a victory sound.
-Freddy's skeleton doesn't celebrate; only throws it's arms in the air & crumbles.
-added the sound of bones crumbling when the skeleton falls.
Back in the Dream-
-Joey's scream gains amplitude during it's duration.
-cut Joey saying "Did I say that?"
-cut Nancy saying "It's over!"
-cut the shot of Mr. Thompson materializing.
Neil Buries Freddy's Bones-
-cut Neil saying "Please, God."
-cut Neil saying "Ashes to ashes."
Nancy's Demise-
-cut Kristen saying "I'm going to dream you into a beautiful dream."
-color corrected the shot of Kristen holding Nancy to match the surrounding shots.
Nancy's Funeral/End Scene-
-cut the priest's sermon.
-smoothed the music transition from the outside shot of Neil's house to inside.
End Credits-
-new end credits music. (BasementChase/RumbleRoom/Opening/SkeletonFight/Mirrors/Pt1Title [raymix] )
-added shots of the burning boiler room from NoES 2: Freddy's Revenge to post-credits.
-added the "Freddy's Coming for You" rhyme to the boiler room fire.
-added my production logo to the end.
-added music over my production logo. (Prologue)

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