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I really wanted to enjoy this edit as it has been on my radar for some time. TM dropped this one for quite awhile and I was quite happy when he messaged me to let me know he was back at it... TM achieved what he was going for but there were a couple of flaws in it's execution IMO...

I loved the premise of the old VHS and the "PLAY" coming up when you start it and the "TRACKING" issue midway through were nice touches. The picture grain showing wearing of the tape worked for me (although the grain filter made it was very dark in some parts - added some creep effect)... The premise was cool and all and all I enjoyed the edit...

What didn't work for me was the crop of the film - now don't get me wrong I realize it was part of the whole presentation but I felt (once again IMO) that many of the scenes were cropped so much so that people talking/images were cut out of the scene or only showing half their face almost making it a distraction at times.

The audio editing played well as adding the old Nightmare music was a great touch... where TM inserted it worked and gave a creepier 80's Freddy vibe... I dug it... BUT... It was far too loud and overpowering during some scenes so much so that it was hard to make out what people were saying...

The overall edit of the flick was decent enough and played out like a classic 80's horror movie that had been watched multiple times over and showed it... but there was a bit of character developement that was lost in the cuts and if I hadn't of seen the original I would've been like "who is this person?" cause the scene with them kinda just came out of nowhere... I like how it began starting with the flashback scene... and the edits/cuts were clean and seamless to me...

I know this review seems harsh and I did enjoy it more than it appears reading this back but there are a couple of areas for improvement as I see it...

I would recommend this edit as a nice companion piece to the remake for an alternate viewing experience... and I like I said in the beginning TM for the most part I believe achieved EXACTLY what he was going for and I tip my hat to a job well done.... Keep em' coming TM Productions!


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Thank you for the review Whispers

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