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March 19, 2011

I finally got a chance to watch this the other night. Indy IV is a movie I really despised, and have attempted to block out of my memory. I even tried to fanedit it myself a year ago, but I gave up on it and moved on. Wraith has done some fantastic edits, so I was very curious to see what he came up with.

Wraith’s version is definitely and improvement on the original, and a much more enjoyable experience, but I still didn’t find the improvements enough to make it a film I actually wanted to watch.

First thing right off the bat I didn’t like was the new opening sequence. Opening the movie with the Atom bombs as the focus was definitely well done, but it feels so unnecessary to me, just like the sequence it sets up. The whole opening of the movie just sets up one (pointless and stupid) moment that has nothing to do with the plot. It’s sort of like having a great joke with a really lame and unsatisfying punch line. Also, any edit of Indy IV I feel like should immediately remove the Nuke-Town scene, but that’s probably just a personal preference. This whole sequence is still preferable to the little rat thing and “Hound Dog” in the original though.

I feel there’s still too many silly moments that remain, but the best part of this edit is how the action is handled. The cuts and trims to every action scene are stellar, and really make a big impact. The motorcycle chase is handled very well, but I was most impressed with the cutting of the jungle chase. The pacing of it is now almost perfect, and it’s very exciting. The removal of the Big Damn Ants scene was also very well handled, though that’s a scene that never particularly bothered me.

Overall, I did think this edit was an improvement over the original, but it’s still just not enough to make the movie anywhere near satisfying. It was a valiant attempt, and I’m honestly not sure that it can even be done.

This edit: 7/10
Original: 2/10

I recommend it if for some strange reason you have a hankering to watch Crystal Skull again, and want to avoid vomiting that evening.

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