Doctor Who - The Parting of the Ways: A Fanedit

Doctor Who - The Parting of the Ways: A Fanedit
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Suppose Rose didn't revive Captain Jack? Suppose there was no real foreshadowing of The Doctor regenerating before he made his farewell speech? Suppose no longer, this edit will make this a reality
Discussing this episode on Doctor Who forum "The Hive" got me excited about the potential of tweaking the ending of this episode so that Rose doesn't resurrect Jack Harkness and there's no foreshadowing of a regeneration before Eccelston begins his farewell speech.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Trimmed Nine and Bad Wolf Rose's conversation so Rose doesn't say "I bring life"
- Removed Jack being revived by Rose
- Removed Jack rushing back to the TARDIS as it dematerialises
- Removed sequence of the TARDIS travelling in the vortex
- Removed The Doctor looking at his hands as they glow with regeneration energy
- Trimmed Nine and Rose's conversation prior to the final speech

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