Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour - A Fanedit

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour - A Fanedit
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The series five premiere of Doctor Who, The Eleventh Hour, slightly extended utilising footage from promotional tv spots and a "Meanwhile In The TARDIS" mini-sode.
A flash of inspiration occurred to one night as to where to include the series five promotional trailer in the actual know the scene where Amy dreams of a young Amelia sitting atop her briefcase waiting for the TARDIS to arrive and take her away? Well...all you have to do is replace that scene with the trailer...and once the giant Silurian head pops up to surprise Doc and Amy, then you can have Amy wake up! An idea so neat, I just had to do it.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Added 2010 TV trailer scene to just after Amy watches the TARDIS disappear
- Integrated a portion of a "Meanwhile In The TARDIS" short, which stops after Amy makes light of The Doctor's appearance, after which it returns to Eleventh Hour footage
- Cut TARDIS leaving Amy's house, as the integration of the short now means the ship is already in flight.
- Added animation logo at the very end

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