Doctor Who - The Angels Take Manhattan: The Last Page

Doctor Who - The Angels Take Manhattan: The Last Page
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What if Amy and Rory weren't zapped back in time? Find out in this special fanmix which sees Amy and Rory reflect on their adventures with the Doctor and must decide once and for all if the monsters are all worth it. Once you know what's coming, it's written in stone.
To create a happier outcome for the Ponds.
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- Doctor Who Series Seven DVD
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Cuts and Additions:
- Added some footage from the pre-titles of "The Power of Three" for new pre-titles
- Removed original pre-titles of "Angels Take Manhattan"
- Removed panning shot of Rory's gravestone
- Removed The Doctor flaking out upon reading the chapter title "Amy's last farewell"
- Added scene of The Doctor and Amy's nighttime conversation from "The Power of Three" at the tower of London for new ending
- Removed original ending with The Doctor going back to tell young Amy of her adventures

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