Doctor Who: The 15th Anniversary 'Rose' Rewatch - A Fanedit

Doctor Who: The 15th Anniversary 'Rose' Rewatch - A Fanedit
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"I'll tell you what it will be...a trip of a lifetime"
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Uncertain times, but you can still count on a Doctor to sort you out, a Relive the trip of a lifetime with this special edition fanedit of 'Rose'. This edit makes use of shots and sequences from the 2005 TV Spot “The Trip of A Lifetime”, there's also a brand new ending.
On March 26th 2005, Doctor Who came back to our screens, and on the 15th anniversary, March 26th 2020, the DW fan community were encouraged to watch the first episode of the revived series. I decided to contribute to the event by revisiting Rose a second time and doing something a little differently with it, setting it apart from my previous "Eight to Nine" edit of the story.
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Doctor Who (2005) Series One DVD Bonus Features
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- Integrated sequences of The Doctor running from a ball of flame just prior to the destruction of the mall .Footage taken from the "Trip of a Lifetime" promotional trailer.
- Mixed footage of Rose entering the TARDIS with footage from the "Trip of A Lifetime" promotional trailer
- End credits removed.

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