Doctor Who: Rose - Eight to Nine Edition

Doctor Who: Rose - Eight to Nine Edition
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2005 / 2013
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The Eighth Doctor falls trying to save a life, and is soon given a choice of a new path and a new life...sometime later, that path takes him to Earth and to a young shop worker called Rose, together they come up against the terror of the Autons.
I decided to have some fun with the first episode of the 2005 revival, very minimal edit, just a simple case of adding "Night of the Doctor" as the opening act to make it appear that Mcgann has transitioned to Eccelston, oh, and I altered the ending ever so slightly so Rose does not depart with The Doctor at the end so it feels more like a stand-alone.
Other Sources:
- Doctor Who (2005) Series One DVD
- Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor DVD
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Cuts and Additions:
- Added footage from "Night of the Doctor"
- Cut "Rose" directors and production credits
- Cut Rose Traveling with The Doctor
Cover art by Zarius (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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