Doctor Who: Listen (Fear Can Take You Home)

Doctor Who: Listen (Fear Can Take You Home)
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A twenty-three minute trim of the Eighth Series Doctor Who episode “Listen”, focusing entirely on the Orson Pink storyline and trimming Clara’s disastrous date with Danny Pink so they only screw up just the once.
"Listen" is a good episode, but it contains two stories that could easily be their own thing, initially I concentrated on the first story, but now, with more editing experience, I've decided to tackle the Orson Pink portion of the story, making sure to keep the continuity concise throughout.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Doctor on top of the TARDIS whispering "Listen" cut
- Original establishing shot of Clara's apartment after titles cut
- Clara returning to the cafe from later in the episode repurposed as her arriving at the cafe after the titles
- Clara and Danny's petty squabbling cut to avoid footage of Clara putting on her coat. While she still has it on when she see her in the apartment, you can assume she put it on after she left the cafe.
- All references to the toy soldier Clara found in Danny's orphanage cut
- Exchange with Orson about the family heirloom cut
- Clara and Danny's reconciliation cut

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