Doctor Who - Face the Raven: Divine Intervention Edition

Doctor Who - Face the Raven: Divine Intervention Edition
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Summoned by an old friend, The Doctor and Clara navigate their way through a trap street, and fall into the most fateful and consequential of snares.
I felt compelled to try and make the episode feel more like a two-parter, leading directly into Hell Bent without dragging out The Doctor's struggle inside the confession dial too much.
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Doctor Who Series Nine DVD Box Set
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- Cut The Doctor and Clara's overly long farewell
- Used the last act of the episode "Heaven Sent" focusing on The Doctor experiencing the loop time and again, which neatly condenses the events of Heaven Sent into a very manageable few minutes and gets us to Gallifrey in no time at all
- Also changed is the pre-credits, gone is Rigsy's phone call to the TARDIS, and The Doctor telling Rigsy there's no easy way to tell someone they're going to die being where we hit the titles. Not much else of FTR has been changed other than that.
Cover art by Zarius (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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