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Dr. Strange has excellent visuals but felt it was bogged down by some of the stale Marvel-type jokes that were forced, and some overlong sequences. Also, the prolouge seemed too much too soon after my first rewatch, and Bobson comes out of the gate by removing that copletely, with barely anythign lost. Now, we learn the mystics arts with Dr. Strange, and are amazed alongside him, giving us a better connection to him.
Gones are also some of the forced jokes, such as the one on Wifi. Bobson replaces that with a scene helping to show that time has gone by during Steven's studying, which before seemed like he learned the magic over a couple days instead of much longer.
Finally, the alternate ending makes the movie self-contained, and makes Mondo's possible turn more subtle.
Overall, I enjoyed this cut of the movie more, with its brighter colors and seamless edits. It makes it ready for a rewatch before the second Dr. Strange (which now has been pushed back to 2022, which means I will for sure come back to this fanedit as my go-to version).

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